Stash of the Titans Slot Review

Stash of the Titans Slot Review

The Greek mythology has a long- lasting impact onto our culture and literature today. Many books have been written about the glorious Greek gods and mythological characters, such as the Centaurs, Minotaurs, Medusas, Hydras, Cerberuses, and so forth. These characters are immortal. On top of that, there’s been a thousand movies, both live-action and animated, about the Greek mythology. Not to mention all the plays written about the ever- eternal characters and their tragedies, comedies, and dramas.

Stash of the Titan Slot is the online slot machine world’s take on the marvelous and legendary Greek mythology. This online slot machine game features a lotmany of the popular and iconic Greek mythology characters. It features the ever- fierce Centaur, the mighty Minotaur, the hot and tempting Medusa, the abominable Hydra, the feisty Cerberus, and other Greek mythology characters you’ve come to love from your History or Literature subjects at school.

Make no mistake though, Stash of the Titans Slot is not your average- history -lesson type of online slot machine game. In fact, it puts a fantastic twist onto your glorious Greek mythology lessons – a taste of comedy if you will. Somehow, along the 5 -reel, 20- payline online slot machine game, it all feels like the movie Hercules . not totally but reminiscent.

That being said, the characters depicted in Slash of the Titans are hilarious and are have a comedic twist to their historical counterparts. It creates a more soothing, relax-, and- fun environment to play with. Not to mention, the music that blares the moment you open the game as well as the comical effect with every spin of the reel.

 Slash of the Titans Slot is perhaps one of Microgaming’s eve-r wondrous and light feat. It is an online slot machine game to experience – very affordable bet ranges with some decent payouts and a jackpot that can get you home a staggering 200,000 coins.

Inspection Report

What sets the stage when you open the game is its dramatic and monumental music as it introduces the game and shows the really comical take on Greek mythology characters. All characters are really familiar such that there’s rarely an opportunity for you to miss or even not recognize one.


The legendary and mythical characters that have colored your imagination when Greek mythology comes to mind all provide a very humorous atmosphere in this very lovable online slot machine game. Stash of the Titans Slot introduces the mighty Minotaur, fierce Centaur, the cute little Faun, the abominable Hydra, the bold Griffin, Hercules himself in all his glory, the bold Pegasus, the feisty Cerberus, the glorious Acropolis, and the hot and tempting Medusa, which will surprise you with its abilities.

The cute and colorful and at- the -same- time comical representation of the iconic Greek mythology characters are so flawless in their graphics. The overall layout design of the game is superb and excellent. Stash of the Titans Slot also has a really rhythmic and magnificent sounds that blend perfectly well with the amazing graphics.


Slash of the Titans Slot has 5 reels with 3 rows each and has 20 paylines. The 20 paylines allow for really great game play and fun time, offering a lot of opportunities to win. Your bet ranges fromof $0.01 to $0.020 can take ayou a long way. This online slot machine game has a Return to PlayerReturn-to-Player rating of 95.07%, definitely making it . This is definitely a worthwhile game to spin on. Not only that, Stash of the Titans has a jackpot of 200,000 coins. All of those combined make Stash of the Titan plainly an online slot machine game to dive in.


Software Microgaming
RTP 95.07%
Jackpot 200,000 coins
Genre Video Slots
Bets Range $0.01 – $0.20
Reels 5
Paylines 20
SlotsInspector Rating 8/10


Stash of the Titans Slot brings the Greek mythology to the online slot machine game world with a bit of pizzazz. This online slot machine game is simply awesome with great and cute depictions of the Greek mythology characters. More importantly, this online slot machine game showcases Greek mythology characters that you can relate to – it is fundamentally effective.

The comical depiction of the Greek mythology characters makes this online slot machine game a really great piece of game to relax and have fun. With an excellent and beautiful graphics plus an amazing sounds, Stash of the Titans Slot makes for an online slot machine game to behold.

Its 5- reel, 20 -payline gameplay is pretty simple and the wins that you can get are decent enough to keep you spinning. And if you get hooked and you become more serious in your spin action, you may be able to take home the 200,000 coins jackpot.

It is a fine piece of online slot machine game and the makers behind this didn’t make a mistake of adding a twist to the usually serious and often-used Greek mythology theme. The fairly simple gameplay, as well as the overall fun and exciting experience that Stash of the Titans Slot provides, as well as the overall fun and exciting experience that Stash of the Titans Slot provides are definitely worth every single piece of dollar.

Stash of the Titans Slot Review – The Basics

This beautiful online slot machine game will behold you with its amazingly creative depiction of the Greek mythology theme. The cartoonish and comical layout and plus the overall game design are so effective that it they bring a lighter tone and environment to this exciting online slot machine game.

The graphics are fine and superb and the music all throughout the game is perfectly apt to every introduction, reel, and action. The game’s title is fixed at the top and center of the game screen and right below it is are the 5 reels with 3 rows each. The reels are beautifully laden with the cute and comical symbols used for the tame. These symbols are your familiar Greek mythology characters. It i’s difficult to miss them because they are all really familiar – pretty everything from what you learned in history or your literature classes.

The paylines are all lined up and grouped neatly at both ends outside of the reels. Right below the reels is the control panel that offers a really straightforward and easy to navigate buttons for playing. The payout status is positioned at the extreme left of the control panel and right next to it is the betting buttons where you can place your bets using the “+” or “-”“ buttons. The other buttons and fields you can see at the control panel are the Lines, Coins, Bet Max, and the Spin button, which is positioned all the way to the right.

Stash of the Titans Slot offers really great payouts for every winning combinations and has a surprise in store for players who will hit the jackpot – a staggering 200,000 coins. However, sSome other versions though will have their own iterations of the jackpot. So Thus, it’s best to read through the fine print and more information of the game. All of that plus a Return to PlayerReturn-to-Player rating of 95.07% make Stash of the Titan a solid online slot machine game.

Value Symbols

Stash of the Titans Slot uses really familiar Greek mythology characters that are graphically designed in a comical and humorous way. The basic rule of payouts for this game is that you will need to land 3 or more of the same symbols on an active payline will give you a payout ffrom left to right to get a payout. You can view the game’s paytable via the Payout button.

Here’s a list of this online slot machine game’s Greek mythology symbols:

  • Centaur
  • Hydra
  • Minotaur
  • Cerberus
  • Pegasus
  • Hercules
  • Faun
  • Griffin
  • Acropolis
  • Treasure Chest

Feature & Bonus Symbols

Stash of the Titans Slot has pretty decent surprises up its sleeve with fun bonus and high paying symbols. Aside from its 200,000 coins jackpot, here are the other things you can look forward to:

Free Spins: The free spins in the game can be activated when 3 or more scatter symbols land. A total of 15 free spins plus a 4x multiplier can be triggered. This is also where the bigger chance of getting the jackpot can take place.

Stash of the Titans logo: The Stash of the Titans logo acts as the Wild symbol in the game. You can substitute this to any other symbols in order for you to get a winning combination.

Medusa: The Medusa is the scatter symbol in the game. The graphic shows a really sexy and tempting Medusa, which can give you great payouts that is multiplied by the total bet you staked if you land two or more of this symbol anywhere in on the reels.

SlotsInspector’s Verdict

WithC cool, cute, and comical graphics that are superb and excellent combined with really awesome music and multiplied over by a simple gameplay and decent payouts, Stash of the Titans Slot is a game you should get your spinning hands on. All of the ingredients in this amazing online slot machine game are worked together to createing a powerful online slot machine game that is not only fun, exciting and sensational to play but also a great value for money.

About The Developer

Microgaming Software Systems Ltd or simply Microgaming is a pioneer of casino games in all platforms, such as mobile devices, online casino gaming as well as wearable technology. It is a recipient of many a great awards in the industry thanks in part of to its really awesome catalog and world-class portfolio. Microgaming continues to explore the boundaries of online casino gaming and their its series of online slot machine games are popular across the market.