Scrooge Slot Review

Scrooge Slot Review

The legendary and classic tale of Ebenezer Scrooge and the beautiful Christmas spirit has finally been transformed into an online slot machine game. This Charles Dickens’-inspired online slot machine game is bringing a heartwarming take on the online slot machine table that is appropriate for the Christmas season.

Yes, you heard it right. Scrooge Slot feels like a seasonal online slot machine game that is really appropriate to play during the holiday season. It offers the same classical feel that you can read on literature or even see in the movies. The good part of it is that there are no ‘humbugs’ anywhere in the game.

Nevertheless, Scrooge Slot doesn’t take off far away from the classic literature. The game story is true to the classic Charles Dickens’ book. The same story is told about a rich guy, named Ebenezer Scrooge, who is all but grumpy. There’s also the ghost as part of the online slot machine game. Ultimately, this online slot machine game has the same purpose and goal as in the book, which is to turn the grumpy miser into a kinder and heartwarming kind of person.

Scrooge Slot features a 5-reel, 50-payline gameplay. You can place a bet with a minimum coin value of $0.01 up to $0.5 per coin value. The payouts are fairly decent and it has a huge jackpot of 6,000x multiplier if you bet max on your stakes. The overall gameplay of this online slot machine game is not too complex pretty straightforward if you will. In the end, what makes Scrooge Slot one of the good games you can play over the holidays is its charisma and pure online slot machine gaming fun.

Inspection Report

Scrooge Slot brings the classic Christmas fairy tale of Charles Dickens into the online slot machine game world. The overall game design is pretty a take-off from the classic literature piece. The feeling and overall environment do not fly far from the story; rather, it adds more charisma to the online slot machine game platform.


Surprisingly, Scrooge Slot doesn’t have any avant-garde and cutting-edge graphics and animation. However, it offers really warm, nostalgic and charismatic graphic design concept. The symbols used in the game are pretty representative of the characters in the classic book. With the lack of fancy animation, you are pretty focused on the symbols that fall on the reel.


The beloved characters you will come across in the game as symbols are the poor boy with crutches, the ghosts, a vault, a set of keys, expensive watches, a locked ledger, a bag of gold, and the eponymous Ebenezer Scrooge himself. All of these symbols are graphically designed beautifully so that they look crisp and sharp. The design concept used is much cartoonish to add a level of lightness in the already heavy yet heartwarming piece of literature.


Scrooge Slot has 5 reels and 50 paylines and a low bet range with coin values ranging from $0.01 per coin to $0.5 per coin. There are a lot of opportunities to land winning combinations as well as an enormous payout for the jackpot of 6,000x. That and a maximum bet on your spin equates to a really huge take-home win.


There’s not much action to expect with Scrooge Slot but a straightforward take on the online slot machine game. All you need to do is to add values the coins, place your bets and click on the Spin button. You will need to play through the random symbols that fall on the reels and hope that you will land some winning combinations that pay well.


Nonetheless, the payouts for Scrooge Slot are fairly decent that never disappoint. On top of that, this online slot machine game has a Return-to-Player rating of 96.74%. Ultimately, Scrooge Slot shouldn’t disappoint your online slot machine game experience but all the more keep you warm in the cold and chilly December weather.


Software Microgaming
RTP 96.74%
Jackpot 6,000x
Genre Video Slots / Christmas
Bets Range $0.01 – $0.5
Reels 5
Paylines 50
SlotsInspector Rating 6.5/10


Charles Dickens’ beloved classic has been turned into an exciting and heartwarming game of online slot. Scrooge Slot takes you to the world of Ebenezer Scrooge, the ever grumpy miser who never cared for his relatives nor took the time to be generous enough for Christmas. His work and his richness were all he needed until his old business partner paid him a visit.

This whole story is told through the exciting turn of the reels as you press the spin button. The beloved characters in the book are fairly represented in this online slot machine game. The boy with crutches, the ghost and even Ebenezer Scrooge himself grace the reels and can give you a great chance of winning. Other symbols featured in the game are the iconic materials that keep Scrooge what he was – there’s the locked ledger, a bag of gold, a vault, keys, and really expensive watches.

These symbols help you through the game as they combine to give you the winning payouts you need. There’s no need for complex strategy-making and execution or analysis on what payline to form the winning combination. The payouts that you can get are fairly decent and a jackpot that will certainly pop your eye with a 6,000x multiplier. Imagine that if you placed the maximum bet on your spin and you are going to get home Ebenezer Scrooge rich. Just make sure you are not as grumpy and as selfish as he is.

All that being said, Scrooge Slot promises a lot in terms of online slot machine game fun, decent payouts, and a huge jackpot. It also surprises with a couple of features and bonus games to spice up the holiday season spin. More importantly, the Return-to-Player rating of Scrooge Slot promises at 96.74%. Great value for money online slot machine plus one that will give you the return you need.

Scrooge Slot Review – The Basics

Scrooge Slot has a warm yet cartoonish overall game design. The overall feel pretty much tries to envelop the player with the Dickens’ classic fairy tale. The game’s graphics are superb and sharp. However, there’s no fancy animation involved nor any avant-garde design features added to the game.

The game is pretty much straightforward as it uses pure online slot machine game dynamics. The game screen is occupied by the 5×3 reels and 50 paylines. The symbols used in the game are representative of the classic book’s characters and are designed in a cartoonish format. You will find very familiar characters that are taken out from the book. There’s a control panel at the bottom of the screen, all neatly arranged to give you the game information and the action buttons you need.

Coins value are located at the leftmost of the control panel and you can place your bets right next to it with buttons “+” or “-” to add value to your coins. The Lines and Coins fields are sitting next to each other while the Bet Max and Spin buttons are side by side at the rightmost part of the control panel. You can place your bet at the lowest coin value of $0.01 or increase it to $0.5. This online slot machine game has a 6,000x multiplier jackpot to make your experience more awesome.

Value Symbols

The symbols used in this online slot machine game are representative of the Charles Dickens’ classic. Let’s take a look at the game symbols used all throughout the game:

Scrooge: Ebenezer Scrooge has the highest payout in the game, giving you a 600x multiplier.

Poor boy with crutches, Ghost, Locked Ledger, Set of Keys, Bag of Gold, and Big Vault: These are the common symbols you will find landing on the reels and have regular payouts.

Scrooge Slot logo: The game’s logo acts as the Wild in the game and can help you form winning combinations and even substitute with any symbol to form the winning combination that you need.

Feature & Bonus Symbols

The features in Scrooge Slot are what makes the game more exciting aside from its very regular game dynamics:

Free Spins: The Free Spins are triggered when you get a winning combination where you will have an option to add a free spin or move the calendar another day.

Christmas Dinner Bonus: The Christmas Dinner Bonus can be triggered by landing three, four, or five of the golden knocker door, which is the scatter symbol in the game. This game feature has a capability to give you up to 10,000 coins.

SlotsInspector’s Verdict

Scrooge Slot is apt online slot machine game for the Christmas season. Based on the Charles Dickens’ classic, Scrooge Slot follows the same storyline of the book and the game culminates on Christmas day, December 25th. It has warm, cartoonish graphics and sounds that are apt for the game. With decent payouts and a fairly big jackpot, Scrooge Slot is one of the online slot machine games that you can spin on while sipping your favorite cup of hot chocolate.

About The Developer

One of the pioneers in the online casino world, Microgaming continues to explore the different platforms for online gambling. It has developed online slot machine games for many different platforms such as desktop, web-based, app-based, mobile and even wearables. Microgaming has a significant foothold in the online slot machine game industry and it continues to delight players around the world with its really great and award-winning titles.