Ice Run Slot Review

Ice Run Slot Review

The chilly Far North is the subject of this new Playtech release that is wholly devoted to the adventures of the Arctic. Ice Run Slot is more than that phenomenon where you wife yells “we’ve run out of ice” in the middle of an iceless mojito session. You might see your wife shuddering like a tumble dryer as she screams at you to drive at the nearest 7/11 to get a bag of ice. Well, it sure feels like it but this time, Ice Run Slot gives you more of that thrill and panic – it has a lot of exciting features in store for you plus a great line of wins to compensate you for your anxiety. This 5-reel, 25-payline online slot machine game will give you a lot of chills and at the same time warm you up with its line of amazing feature games and bonuses.

The graphics employed in Ice Run Slot are pretty much effective as they give you an overall feeling of cold amidst unforgiving landscapes and seemingly endless frozen atmosphere. You will be accompanied by really exciting characters in the frozen Arctic, such as the snowmen, the husky dogs, seal, igloos, and many more. The sounds are even apt and on target.

Dive down to Arctic cold by betting for a range of $0.01 up to $50 and bag some really great wins and multipliers with every winning combination. And if you get lucky enough to get the scatter and wild symbols on their winning reels, you are in for bigger prizes and exciting feature and bonus games. Continue spinning to get your return on investment in a short period of time and you might end up winning the 4,000x multiplier jackpot!

 This is far better than the old ice-themed online slot machine games released prior as Ice Run Slot takes this theme to greater heights. With its really amazing and adventurous gameplay coupled with the overall cartoonish graphics to maintain the ice-cold fun, Ice Run Slot is definitely an online slot machine game you should prepare to spin for a long period of time.

Inspection Report

The overall environment of Ice Run Slot is pure cold and freezing. It is literally the Arctic – simply full of ice with structures, characters and landscape that are frozen or icy. However, don’t get it wrong as Ice Run Slot is a lot more fun than you would think. There’s more to it than meets the eye.


The game’s overall cartoony graphics are pretty much appropriate to keep things lighter and away from boringness. The sounds are also hitting at every point and action. The game design layout is easy to the eye and fairly neat. The reels are what you can see and focus as they occupy 90% of the screen. The characters are also ice-cold fun characters that come with every ice-themed online slot machine game – the Eskimo or snowman, cute ice girl, Igloo, fish, bonfire, and husky dogs.


Ice Run Slot is pure ice adventure fun for its 5×3 reels with 25 unfixed paylines. Definitely, there are a lot of ways to win in this online slot machine game. The betting range is pretty affordable where you can start with a $0.01 value per coin up to a $50 value per coin. There are three major game features that have really exciting prizes to win on top of the fantastic Wild and Scatter symbols that trigger these game features.

The jackpot is an eye-popping 4,000x multiplier. With a Return-to-Player rating of 93.83%, Ice Run Slot is definitely worth your money and one that is more value than spend. This online slot machine game will never disappoint you. In fact, it will keep your spinning shoes on until you get tired of spinning the game.


Software Playtech
RTP 93.83%
Jackpot 4,000x
Genre Video Slots
Bets Range $0.01 – $50
Reels 5
Paylines 25
SlotsInspector Rating 8/10


If you loved ice-themed online slot machine games before because of its chill environment, you will definitely love Ice Run Slot more than ever. With its pure Arctic adventure and a graphics that will, without doubt, remind you of the beloved Ice Adventure series of video games, Ice Run Slot will envelop you in a feeling of pure cold and exciting adventure.

You are definitely in for a great experience with Ice Run Slot’s amazing feature and bonus games on top of your regular spins. Plenty of amazing prizes await you from landing every winning combination plus the surprises that come with the Wild and Scatter symbol. Bet from a range of $0.01 per coin value or max it up at $50 per coin value and you’ll definitely go home with hundreds or thousands in your pocket. If you keep spinning, you might get lucky getting that 4,000x multiplier jackpot.

This 5-reel, -5 payline online slot machine game will definitely end up on your most favorite online slot machine games list. Ice Run Slot is a great way to showcase those spinning skills and manifest how luck can be taken to your advantage. The Return-to-Player rating of Ice Run Slot is 93.83%, proving this is an online slot machine game that has high value for your precious money.  

Ice Run Slot Review – The Basics

You will be in for a cool well, cold and icyArctic adventure with Ice Run Slot. The overall cartoony graphics might deceive you as an easy children’s game but make no mistake as Ice Run Slot is definitely a lot more than what your eyes can see.

The game has 5-reels with 3 rows each and has 25 unfixed paylines. There are plenty of ways to win from every winning combination you land on the reels. The game screen is pretty much filled with the reels with the paylines placed neatly at both ends of the reels. The game’s control panel sits below the reels and contains all the necessary buttons and informational fields you need. You can start placing your bets by pressing the “+” or “-” button from a bet range of $0.01 value per coin to a maximum of $50 value per coin. The Spin button is a large button at the rightmost part of the control panel.

Ice Run Slot has 3 anticipated feature and bonus games that open up more free spins and huge exciting wins. The jackpot is a staggering 4,000x multiplier. Ice Run Slot has a Return-to-Player rating of 93.83%. All of that combined makes Ice Run Slot one online slot machine game to add to your bucket list.

Value Symbols

Ice Run Slot uses lovable characters for its reel symbols. The usual card game symbols are used as the low paying symbols but the following character symbols pay out more. Take a look what these have in store for you:

Leaping Fish: The leaping fish can pay you 200 coins if you land 5 of them on the reels.

Bonfire: The bonfire can pay you 200 coins if you land 5 of them on the reels.

Seal: The fishy seal can pay you 500 coins if you land 5 of them on the reels.

Snowgirl: The cute Eskimo girl can pay you 4,000 coins if you land 5 of them on the reels.

Feature & Bonus Symbols

The game does not have many exciting feature or fancy bonus symbols. Only symbol combination that you will need to land to get bigger wins, such as the following:

Ice Breaker Spin: This is triggered by the Wild, which is the male Eskimo character or the snowman. Two mini features are activated by the Ice Breaker Spin:

  • If the Wild lands at the center of reel three, you are paid all wins, and two more spins will be rewarded to you with the Wild at the center of the reel
  • If the Wild lands on reels two, three, or four, you are paid all wins, and one more spin will be rewarded to you with all the reels remaining as Wilds.

Free Spins: These are triggered by landing the Scatter symbol, which is the Igloo, anywhere on the reels. You will be rewarded with ten free spins when this happens. All of the wins during this feature are guaranteed a 3x multiplier. Also, more spins will be rewarded to you indefinitely if you land three more Scatter symbols.

Ice Run: This is perhaps one of the most anticipated features and is triggered by landing the husky dogs on reels one and five. When the Ice Run feature is triggered, you will be taken to the screen that displays a sled on a hill with several snowmen. You will need to pick one of the snowmen, who will be hit by the sled in order to get a prize. You may be able to randomly trigger a Snowball Feature if you get lucky after you hit the third snowman. When this happens, all the other snowmen will be knocked down. You will get three picks and after that, you can choose three igloos to win a multiplier.

SlotsInspector’s Verdict

Ice Run Slot may look too cartoony and childlike at first but make no mistake because it has a lot of exciting things in store for you. The graphics are just effective and appropriate for the whole game and the gameplay is fairly simple with easy ways to win. The payouts are fairly big and this online slot machine game has fantastic feature and bonus games to keep you hooked. With a high Return-to-Player and a huge jackpot prize, this is a great online slot machine game to spend your money on.

About The Developer

Playtech is one of the big cheese developers of online casino games. It continues to stay on top by releasing great titles and award-winning online slot machine games every year. Playtech is known for its high-quality games with indeed amazing features and jackpots. This new ice-themed release by Playtech challenges all the previous ice-themed online slot machine game titles as it takes the theme to greater heights.