Fountain of Youth Slot Review

Fountain of Youth Slot Review

Take a step back and enjoy an online slot machine game in its simplest form. No more headaches from too many reels,  and rows, and a complex numbers of paylines and bonus features. These just clog up the gem play gameplay in most cases, anyway. Fountain of Youth is the answer to that calling. With a super simple 3 reels and 3 paylines and without any additional fuss, Fountain of Youth Slot is perhaps the easiest and back-to-basics kind of online slot machine game you have ever laid your eyes on.

This simple online slot machine game has no wild symbol nor the scatter symbol. Also,  and there’s no jackpot that you need to get hung about. It’s pure, clean online slot machine game experience where you can have fun and play like the simpler times.

The entire atmosphere that Fountain of Youth Slot offers is so refreshing and inviting. There’s a kind of Zen integrated into its design, full of green and tranquil. You can play from a bet of $0.5 or increase it to $5 to start spinning the reels and landing those winning combinations as you sit back and relax with ease.

The sound of the waterfalls and the birds will definitely hit you close to nature as you play laid back in this 96.81% RTP online slot machine game. Your youth will definitely be restored and preserved amidst the view and sound of nature in front of you while you wait for more wins to land on your reels every time you spin.

Inspection Report

Zen, green, nature, birds, waterfalls – all of these combined create a wonderful and laid back feeling as you spin your way to riches. Well, not enough riches because there are is no jackpot,  and wilds, and scatters that you will get hung about. It is pure, me-time, in the middle of a beautiful and enchanting view of a water fountain, flowers, birds, and ponds complemented by natural sounds of waterfalls and birds. It is so refreshing you don’t want to end it.


That is all that Fountain of Youth Slot can offer – an easy, no fuss, no frills, 3-reel and 3- payline online slot machine game. This online slot machine game takes you away from the complexities of contemporary 5-reel with a lot payline online slot machine games out in on the market today. It’s honest to goodness spinning fun.


The graphics you will see is are designed all in harmony – there a lot of’s full of greenery, a water fountain, and the symbols are flowers and birds. The sound track is also very enchanting and can easily make you fall asleep. However, there’s a caveat to this game’s simplicity. With that, you will need to be prepared for minimal to decent payouts. You should be comfortable with no jackpot, no wild, no scatter and no fancy bonus features games.


Fountain of Youth Slot has a 96.81% Return-to-Player rating, which means that online slot machine game players spend a lot of time to spin. – t That is definitely because of the tranquil environment and relaxed experience that this online slot machine game has to offer on top of the decent payouts.


Software Playtech
RTP 96.81%
Jackpot None
Genre Classic Slot
Bets Range $0.5-$5
Reels 3
Paylines 3
SlotsInspector Rating 6.5/10


If you want to get away from the complexity that has become the norm of online slot machine games nowadays, then Fountain of Youth is the answer. It has a tranquil and easy environment that will help you escape from the hustle and bustle of life. This ultimate Zen experience of an online slot machine game takes you deeper into pure relaxation as you win your way to spinning fun.

This 3 -reel, 3- payline online slot machine game doesn’t have the usual thrills of wilds and scatters nor does it have any jackpot to get hung about. All you have are 5 symbols that you will need to combine in order to hit some winning treats.

Don’t expect anything out of the ordinary nor or any additional feature bonus games. What you see is what you get and you don’t have to be overwhelmed nor or be anxious aboutof potentially running into surprises. The tranquil game design is perfectly matched with the graphics and simple gameplay.

Fountain of Youth Slot, despite its simplicity, has a high Return- to- Player rating at 96.81%. And with a really low bet range of $0.5 to $5, there’s definitely no denying that this is the best online slot machine game to just sit back, relax and spin without worrying too much about your stake and getting apprehensive about hitting a huge amount of winning, such as a jackpot. You just need to enjoy a totally laidback spin experience.

Fountain of Youth Slot Review – The Basics

The immediate effect you will feel as soon as you open up the game is extreme relaxation. You will be welcomed by a soothing sound track of waterfalls and birds chirping. That is completed with a very green game screen and beautiful and fresh images of a water fountain, water lily and exquisite flowers and animals.

The water fountain at the backdrop is overlayedoverlaid by the 3×3 reels at the center in the lower section of the screen. The winning combination quick guide is placed at the top right of the screen. There are minimal control buttons scattered at the bottom of the screen right below the reels.

You can start adding your bet by pressing the “>” or “<” buttons located at the lower left most portion of the game screen and start at the lowest denomination of $0.5 per coin value. You can increase that aa few denominations of up to $5 to increaseraise your potential win in case you land a winning combination of symbols on the reels. The minimalist concept is pretty much consistent all throughout as this online slot machine game only uses 5 symbols – fewerless things to worry and be on the lookout about. These 5 symbols are combinations of garden flowers and animals, such as the butterfly, bluebird, frog, and water lily. These symbols pay out decently while the other symbol, which is the fountain, a highlight of the game, pays a lot higher than the other 4.

Spinning the reels is extremely relaxing – as if you are in a spa or you are having a tranquil garden experience. And with a high Return -to- Player rating of 96.81%, the tranquil spin experience may carry you in at a longer period of time.

Value Symbols

This online slot machine game offers only 5 symbols that you can play on the reels. These are five symbols that will help you win in combinations:.

Butterfly: 3 yellow butterflies on a payline will give you a 250x multiplier for your coins.

Bluebird: You will get a 125x multiplier if you land 3 bluebirds on a payline.

Frog: Landing 3 frogs will give you a 60x increase of your bet.

Water Lily: The white lily pays the lowest among the five symbols and will pay out $3 if you land 3 of them on the reels.

Fountain: This is considered a jackpot symbol of in the game, though it is not strictly a jackpot. Th, and that is because of its high win when you land 3 of them on a payline. Get ready to receive 800x of your coin value for 3 fountains on a single payline.

Feature & Bonus Symbols

Unfortunately, Fountain of Youth Slot does notn’t have any bonus symbols or additional feature games to offer.

SlotsInspector’s Verdict

There’s nothing as amazing as when a game is effective yet simple and extremely playable. Fountain of Youth Slot is a break in the monotony of the online slot machine game race that is fully packed with action, cutting-edge graphics, and technological innovation, and all too confusing gameplay with numerous paylines.

It provides a refreshingly pure and cool fun with a relaxing Zen effect and minimalistic graphics, game screen arrangement, and utilization of symbols. Though it lacks the wild and scatter that make some online slot machine games really exciting, Fountain of Youth Slot is not inadequate in terms of providing decent wins and fun gameplay. Surprisingly, this online slot machine game has a high RTP with 96.81%. Fountain of Youth Slot is good enough if you want to relax, have fun and spin, but there’s nothing more to it aside from its spa- like environment and feel.

About The Developer

Online slot machine games wouldn’t be what it is today without Playtech’s huge influence and innovation in the industry. From their late 1990s beginnings, this humble company has risen to the challenge of every online casino gamers and operators in the world to become the world’s #1. Today, Playtech is considered to be the largest supplier in the world of turnkey solutions for different online casino operators, and they are very much adaptable to their needs and vision. Playtech has continually challenged the trends of online slot machine games and their Fountain of Youth Slot title is definitely a break away from the contemporary online slot machine games and the direction it is heading.