Flower Power Slot Review

Flower Power Slot Review

Take the pill and ride down the journey to a colorful world of flowers, ecstatic lights and patterns, and a mesmerizing and nostalgic soundtrack. Flower Power reminds you of how your grandparents had fun in the slots half a century ago when peace and love were the universal languages of the world. It’s like an acid trip down memory lane.

Flower Power Slot is a ground-based slot machine literally transformed into an online slot machine game. It is complete with the arcade-like façade; a flamboyant headboard that shows the win denominations, credits, bets, and decorations of colorful flowers. The game screen is a small one located at the center. Moreover, the buttons are like the embossed big buttons you press on an actual ground-based slot machine.

This trippy game has 3 reels, 5 paylines, and an overall hippy vibe. The psychedelic environment is further illuminated with 1960s symbol of peace and love, such as a purple background with floating daisies dotted all around. The psychedelic-colored logo of Flower Power is big below the reels, a logo of the CND in the “O” of Flower Power.

Flower Power is one fun online slot machine to spin on. It has low minimum low bets of $0.25 where you can potentially win 750 coins or you can increase that to $5 and play the max bet with every spin so you can win the jackpot of 1,000 coins. It has a great value for money. The 92.5% Return-to-Player rating seems high enough for you to keep pushing the Spin button.

Inspection Report

Flower Power Slot is cut out of the arcade-based slot machines of the 1960’s peace and love generation. It is psychedelic and colorful with lots of flowers, patterns, and a soundtrack that dings and rings every roll of the reel. The overall layout design is literally a ground-based slot machine – complete with a headboard, a tiny game screen, illuminations of the slot machine’s title and decorations, and protruding analog buttons. You will be literally playing on an actual slot machine on your mobile device or computer.


The game has 5 paylines that you can mix and match winning combination of symbols to grab a win. The jackpot is 1,000 coins if you keep on using the Max Bet. However, the minimum bet can still let you get a chance to win up 750 coins, which is not bad for a $0.25 value per coin bet. Flower Power has a 92.5% Return-to-Player rating, which means you will be in for quite a while to enjoy the whole psychedelic experience while you rake up plenty of coins.


Software Microgaming
RTP 92.5%
Jackpot 1,000 coins
Genre Classic Slot
Bets Range $0.25-$5
Reels 3
Paylines 5
SlotsInspector Rating 6.5/10


Spin your way into this colorful and psychedelic online slot machine game – Flower Power Slot has enough hallucinogenic ammunition to keep your online slot machine game experience so much fun! Flower Power Slot will definitely remind you of how ground-based slot machines of the past half-decade looked like: a classic arcade cabinet with colorful layout design, small screen with flashing lights, and a soundtrack that rattles like a pinball game with every turn of the reels.

Flower Power is your ultimate trip down memory lane and one that keeps you high in online slot machine heaven. The graphics are literally borrowed from the 1960s peace and love, and the gameplay is super simple like those days of old. You won’t have to worry about coming up with a complex strategy to create winning combinations and arrange them to land into the correct paylines. It has 3 reels of plain and simple spinning fun!

There’s not much twist in the game. All you need to do is sit, chill, and spin. Win big coins with every spin and keep that seat warm until you hit the 1,000 coin jackpot. For a minimum bet of $0.25 per coin value or bet the maximum of $5 per coin value, there’s a sure way for you to win that jackpot.  

Flower Power Slot Review – The Basics

The whole graphic design of Flower Power is cut out of the arcade cabinet platform-based slot machine. It has literally transformed that classic ground-based slot machine game from the 60s into an online slot machine game that you can play on your desktop or your mobile gadget.

Expect an arcade cabinet in front of you with a headboard full of colorful columns. The first column is full of different colorful flowers on top of a purple background. The center column has a sunflower background behind the jackpot denominations and how to get them. The third column has the game status boxes, such as the amount you paid, your current Credits and your total Bets. The actual game screen is small at the center with 3 reels and 5 paylines. There are 3 rows in which you can land your symbols.

You can start playing Flower Power by placing your bet using the “^” and “v” buttons to indicate the dollar amount of your stake. The right side of the actual game screen lets you select the number spins you want to play using the “^” and “v” buttons. There’s also a Stop button at the bottom of the “v” button. Also, there are 3 buttons at the bottom of the screen for Bet One, Bet Max, and Spin Reels.

You can place a minimum $0.25 bet per coin or a maximum $5 bet per coin. The other denominations include $1 and $2. For every spin, you can select from any of the 5 paylines by using the “Bet One” button. You can also play up to 99 auto spins in the game. To play all the 5 lines in the game, you can use the “Bet Max” button. You will need to bet all the 5 paylines in you to get the top jackpot of 1,000 coins.

Value Symbols

Flower Power uses minimal symbols, which is usually common with ground-based slot machines. Let’s take a look at what these symbols are and their win denominations:

Flowers: This is pretty much apparent and the most common symbol you are going to see in the game. Landing 3 flower symbols will get you 3 credits.

Single Bar: It’s a simple word that says BAR enclosed in a black border that can get you 5 credits if you land 3 of them.

Double Bar: The double bar symbol can get you 10 credits if you land 3 of them.

Triple Bar: You will get 20 credits if you land 3 triple bar symbols on the reel.

Feature & Bonus Symbols

Flower Power does not have many exciting features or fancy bonus symbols. Nonetheless, it has symbol combination that you will need to land to get bigger wins, such as the following:

Daisy: 3 daisy symbols can get you 30 credits.

Rose: 3 rose symbols can get you 50 credits.

Sunflower: 3 sunflower symbols can get you 100 credits.

Flower Power: 3 flower power symbols can get you 750 credits and 1,000 coins if you’re playing maximum bet.

Mandala: 3 mandala symbols can get you 150 credits.

Peace sign or CND logo: 3 flower power symbols can get you 300 credits.

SlotsInspector’s Verdict

Flower Power Slot offers pure fun in a truly honest retro package. The literal transformation of a ground-based arcade cabinet format slot machine from the 60s into an online slot machine game that you can play on your computer or mobile device is a magnificent feat. It totally feels like you are sitting in front of an arcade cabinet style slot machine, pushing the buttons, enveloped in the exciting and psychedelic fun of the game.

Flower Power Slot also offers decent wins from a $0.25 to $5 per coin value bet range. What’s more exciting about it apart from the colors, graphics, and a soundtrack is the 1,000 coin jackpot. Not much but definitely not a small amount for a jackpot. It is still a great value for money for an online slot machine game. Furthermore, the 92.5% Return-to-Player rating assures you that it’s the online slot machine game that you will give a lot of fun for hours.

About The Developer

Microgaming has been in the online casino industry since the 90s. It is considered as the pioneer in the online casino games market and has produced classics in the industry. Microgaming has risen to prominence with its award-winning online slot machine titles and other online casino games. In addition to that, it has developed and released online casino games on all platforms, which includes wearables such as VRs. Microgaming is also known for releasing retro casino games and Flower Power is one of those titles that are true to its origin. It is an established brand around the world and trusted by online casino game players and gaming brand companies worldwide.