Emoji Planet Slot Review

Emoji Planet Slot Review

The emoji explosion has conquered the online slot machine gaming world. With the release of Emoji Planet Slot, the sensational and cool text symbols are on their way to reign the online slot machine game market. Emoji Planet Slot is a fresh outtake of the popular text symbols that have invaded the SMS, email, social media, and the Internet world as a whole.

Whether you are on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter using your Android or iPhone device, there’s a 100% certainty that you have used emojis in your day-to-day conversations. Without emojis, every conversation feels a bit dry and impersonal or to put it properly, too formal. Emojis give life to conversations and keep things personal, closer, and with a human touch.

Same goal and purpose apply to Emoji Planet Slot though you won’t have to worry about using 1,000+ emojis in a single online slot machine game. Emoji Planet Slot cunningly uses the more familiar emojis as symbols to the game. Each of the emoji symbols used in the game has its own payout, which is pretty decent for an online slot machine game. However, don’t get it wrong, the fun and excitement that Emoji Plant Slot provides come from its many different features that will definitely keep up your feet and on the thrill side. On top of that, much similar to a lot of NetEnt’s online slot machine games, Emoji Planet Slot uses the Avalanche feature – this feature enables you to win again and again from every cascade on the reels.

 Emoji Planet Slot has 6 reels of pure and clean emoji fun and 20 paylines to give you the chances and potential opportunities of winning. From a bet range of $0.01 to $1, which is totally affordable, you have a potential to get the 10,000x multiplier jackpot. No wonder Emoji Planet Slot has a great value for money rating with an RTP of 96.4%.

Inspection Report

The Internet culture explosion finally landed on the online slot machine game world. Emoji Planet Slot offers the same explosiveness as when it first hit the world of SMS, social media and the Internet as a whole where it gave life to every conversation and statement.


Emoji Planet Slot has a charisma that is genuine and clean. It uses familiar emoji symbols that no doubt you have used before in one of your conversations with your friends, family, or random connections. Emoji Planet Slot has an easy emoji-esque game design full of the expected graphics you can see when the word emoji is mentioned.


The symbols are cute and the graphics are crisp and high definition with colors that are easy to the eyes and a lot of sparkles. It is pretty much an imaginative and child-like gaming experience. The sound pretty much complements the game in all aspect and phases. The best part of it is it doesn’t distract. You can start playing the game by betting some coins with a starter value of $0.01 up to $1. The low coin value pretty much saves the day because it is not too heavy on the budget and you can easily get decent payouts considering its Avalanche feature and easy gameplay.


There’s no need for plenty of hustle over random symbols appearing on the reels because Emoji Planet Slot has a lot of surprises up its sleeve and a line of game features that will totally keep you hooked in for more winning. The jackpot for this online slot machine game is a staggering 10,000x multiplier. The best recommendation is to hit the max bet all the time to take advantage of the highest payout out of the jackpot.


Emoji Planet Slot proves to be an online slot machine game that has a high value for money. There are a lot of chances of winning plus the decent payouts make up for every spin. It has a Return-to-Player rating of 96.4% as well. This online slot machine game is going to explode more and more and you should better be up your spinning shoes to try and get your luck.


Software NetEnt
RTP 96.4%
Jackpot 10,000
Genre Video Slot
Bets Range $0.01 – $1
Reels 6
Paylines 20
SlotsInspector Rating 7.5/10


Emoji Planet Slot takes the emoji mania to the online slot machine game world. It has pretty much conquered the movie world with the Emoji movie. That same impact can be felt with Emoji Planet Slot as it goes its rounds into the devices and gadgets of online slot machine game players in the world.

This online slot machine game offers really awesome graphics that are cool and easy to the eyes. The great thing about it is that it is not distracting so you can focus on your game. The 5×6 reel has 20 payouts that increase your chances of getting a winning combination. It uses familiar emoji symbols that you have definitely used before. Emoji Planet has awesome payouts with a great and eye-popping jackpot of 10,000x multiplier. So, just imagine if you maxed bet on your spin and landed the ultimate winning combination, you are definitely going to end the game rich in an instant.

Emoji Planet Slot has a Return-to-Player rating of 96.4% with low volatility. You are definitely in store for a great spinning experience that not only offers great graphics, decent payouts, huge jackpot and a high overall value for money.

Emojiplanet Slot Review – The Basics

You will be welcomed with really cute emojis the moment you start Emoji Planet Slot. The overall theme and feel of this online slot machine game are like a child’s imagination or to put it simply, pretty much the same as the movie, Emoji Movie. It is very light with color combinations that are dynamic and pretty.

At the center of the game screen are the 6×5 reels that use emojis as the game’s symbols. Here, you can find your familiar emojis such as the pizza, rocket ship, poop, bomb, kiss mark, and the smiley. The background is a lighter green filled with random characters. You can have easy access to the amount of wins you have in the game because it is placed at the center to the left of the reels. Opposite that, to the right of the reels, are upcoming symbols that could potentially fall on the reels.

There’s an overlayed control panel located below the reels and neatly arranged at the bottom of the game screen. The control panel provides you with the information you need about your game, such as the Bet, Level, AutoPlay, Spin, Max Bet, Coin Value, and Coins. You can start playing the game by adding some coins from a starting value of $0.01. You can also add more value to your coins if you want and play with $1 value coins. If you want to get the maximum payouts, you can hit on Max Bet every time you spin the game.

Overall, Emoji Planet Slot’s game design, graphics, sounds, gameplay, and symbols are all cute and light. No amazing video reels or cutting-edge game layouts can be expected from this very straightforward online slot machine game. The most fun that you can have in this online slot machine game is the different game features integrated into the game. Moreover, with a Return-to-Player rating of 96.4%, you are assured that you are playing a high value for money online slot machine game.

Value Symbols

Emoji Planet Slot uses the following symbols that offer decent payouts. Let’s take a look at the game’s symbols that you can see falling on the reels:

2 Hearts, Kiss Mark, Bomb, Poo, Alien, Rocket, and Pizza: These cutely designed emojis are what fall into an Avalanche on the reels, allowing you to win again and again provided you get winning combinations.

Smiley: The smiley symbol is the highest paying symbol in the game and also acts as the wild, which can allow you to substitute any symbol in the game.

Feature & Bonus Symbols

The most anticipated part of this game are the feature games below:

Bomb feature: There will be 8 random symbols that will be destroyed. A random cash prize of 5x to 100x your stake can be awarded for each symbol that is destroyed.

Pizza feature: There will be a 3×3 overlay of a symbol that is randomly chosen, which will bar the scatter and will randomly appear on the reels.

Kiss Mark feature: The reel set will have 3 sticky wild symbols that will be randomly added and will remain. Each of the sticky wilds will have 3 lives and 1 of them will have a winning combination. If it loses a life, it means that you will get 3 wins for each of the sticky wilds.

Rocket feature: There will be a stack of 10 wilds that will appear on as well as above 1 of the reels that has a winning combination. New wilds from the stack will land on the reels during the Avalanche until there are no more wilds remaining.

Two Hearts feature: You can only play this when there are no more winning combination or no more emoji features remaining or activated. Your total winning will depend on the number of times the meter will be filled up plus an additional 1.

SlotsInspector’s Verdict

Emoji Planet Slot offers a great outtake of the emoji mania that has conquered the Internet culture. The online slot machine game version of emojis offers really unique and dynamic game features, which are its best part of the game. It has a low coin value requirement from a bet range of $0.01 per coin value up to $1 per coin value. It offers a huge 10,000x multiplier jackpot. And with a Return-to-Player rating of 96.4%, Emoji Planet Slot definitely will keep you hooked for hours.

About The Developer

NetEnt is considered to be the more radical and progressive among the huge online slot machine game developers in the world. It continues to push the boundaries of online slot machine gaming as well as the online casino gaming in general. NetEnt continues to provide really amazing, premium, and award-winning online slot machine games.