Electric Diva Slot Review

Electric Diva Slot Review

Are you ready for some heroine adventure set in an alternate Earth in the future? Packed with sci-fi nuances and alien life forms infesting the Earth, Electric Diva is set to save her city with the power of her electric guitar that blazes ultra-electro-magnetic laser that can turn every alien life form into dust.

It is an online slot machine game like no other – full of a sexy female hero and villains out to destroy each other. It’s like the Tomb Raider cum Doom cum Frank Miller graphic novel mashed into one! Add a super cool and amazing soundtrack and you get one of the most exciting, visually striking and rocking online slot machine games out in the market that’s ready to go head to head with the greatest in the online slot machine games world.

This story-based slot game from Microgaming is a follow-through from their successful Bikini Party slot. The company has invested a lot in this release and revamped the game theme content to transcend Electric Diva slot to a whole new level.

 Electric Diva introduces great graphics and an outstanding soundtrack within a superb back storyline of a female hero trying to save her city from the alien life forms. The decent wins you get as you tread softly at the edge of your seat waiting for every exciting turn of the reels definitely give you a fantastic experience!


Inspection Report

Electric Diva Slot is set in a dark environment of future Earth where various alien life forms continue to pester the formerly peaceful city of Spark City and an overlord threatening to consume the city into deeper darkness and chaos. It is an adventure of an online slot machine game that takes girl power to a whole new different level!


This game is pretty much inspired by the feats of Lara Croft, but this one transcends through the rock and roll space with laser beams and what have you. Electric Diva Slot can easily be a darling to players who love adventure in their day to day spin, most especially to those who love the dark world and fighting evil aliens. To add to the fun, the fighting takes place alongside a badass female heroine who uses super cool laser-blasting guitar guns to kill every alien in the way.


The game is one-half graphic and animation cool and one-half coin wins cool with superb hardcore rock soundtrack on the sides. Electric Diva Slot is a game that will definitely take your spinning shoes to amazing heights. Its 96% Return to Player rating and a 140,000 coin nonprogressive jackpot are definitely reasons to heat up your seat for a long time. This a high value for money online slot machine game has really simple and straightforward gameplay. Therefore,  it is proven to bring in an amazing amount of fortune if you are wise and clever enough to make your way to those free spins, multipliers, and the jackpot amount!


Software Microgaming
RTP 96%
Jackpot 600x or 140,000 coins
Genre Video Slot / 3D
Bets Range $0.40-$50
Reels 5
Paylines 40
SlotsInspector Rating 7/10


Spark City is a fantastic city cut out of a Frank Miller graphic novel. It is a dark city infested with alien life forms pestering the beautiful streets. A resident evil of online slot machine games but with aliens instead of zombies, Electric Diva Slot showcases heroine glory with a badass guitar that shoots lasers and a soundtrack that kills the rest of the online slot machine games in the genre.

This 5×3 reel game offers a lot on the graphics side with 3D animation and a video game setting. It employs superb sound effects, score and tracks to make it an online slot machine game that rocks. The game follows a conventional, tested, and tried gameplay format with 40 fixed paylines. It is an amazing feat in creating a balance between an exciting gameplay and usability or playability.

On top of the amazing graphics and a superb soundtrack, Electric Diva Slot offers exciting features and bonus that add to the overall excitement of the game. The scatters, wilds, and multipliers are a proven attraction of the game and highlight its potential in terms of player returns and loyalty. It pays a top nonprogressive jackpot of 140,000 coins or around a 600x return. The 96% Return-to-Player rating of Electric Diva Slot cements its value for money standard for an online slot machine game.

Electric Diva Slot Review – The Basics

The graphic will pretty much take care of setting the stage for an exciting adventure in a future Earth environment. You will need to tighten your adventure belt as you go down fighting aliens and any terrestrial life forms with demonic features as you push the spin trigger. The animation is crisp and accompanied by a rocking soundtrack, you are definitely in for a long spinning time. Get ready as you immerse yourself in amazing graphics of female alien demons, bats, full moon, laser-blasting guitars, and a dark vampire world environment.

The 5×3 reel occupies much of the game screen and is enveloped by the 40 paylines at both sides. The Electric Diva logo overlays the center top of the screen and sits comfortably in front of a moon with bat wings. The controls and information boxes are neatly placed at the bottom of the reels and show the Credits, Bet, Win, Auto Play button, and Spin button. Pays and Banks button are attached to the side of the game screen to the top right side.

Start spinning for as low as $0.01 per spin and increase it according to your bet preference or bet amount. You can click on the “<” and “>” arrows found within the Bet box. The maximum bet is $50 per spin if you want to go high on your bankroll. You can take advantage of the wilds and scatters to double your luck or create more powerful winning combinations. That said, be on the lookout for those symbols or perhaps, don’t miss out on landing the high-value symbols that could unlock these wilds, scatters or bonus games and additional features.

Value Symbols

Electric Diva Slot uses a variety of cool graphics that depict female power and vampire-looking alien demons. These are used as cool symbols that fall on the reel and win you lots of cool returns and free spins.

Here’s a rundown of the symbols being used all throughout the game:

Electric Diva: The lady heroine in the game holding a rocking guitar is one of the high paying symbols in the game.

Female Alien Demon with a Crystal Ball: Most possibly the evil archenemy of Electric Diva, the game’s antagonist is also a high paying symbol in the game.

Bat in Front of a Full Moon: A flying bat overlaying big full moon is also a high paying symbol in the game.

Two Guitar Blasters: The two powerful and jazzy weapons used by the game’s heroine act as the scatter. Landing 3 or more of these super cool Guitar Blasters triggers the free spins.

Electric Diva logo: The game’s logo acts as the wild symbol in the game. It can substitute any other symbol in the game to create really powerful winning combinations. On top of that, the Electric Diva logo is responsible for giving you the biggest payouts so you better be on the lookout for that.

Feature & Bonus Symbols

Electric Diva Slot’s highlight bonus game is the free spins that can be unlocked by the scatter symbol.

Free Spins: Landing three, four, or five Two Guitar Blasters symbols anywhere on the reels unlocks the free spins bonus game. Here are the rewards you will get if you luckily land this symbol:

  • Three scatters – 3x multiplier and 3 free spins
  • Four scatters – 2x multiplier and 2 free spins
  • Five scatters – 1x multiplier and 1 free spin

SlotsInspector’s Verdict

Electric Diva Slot is superbly done from a graphics and soundtrack standpoint. It can definitely stand out among its competitors as having one of the most excellent designs. The 3D is not overkilling as it does not aim to be realistic, but it employs the charisma of a Frank Miller’s graphic novel and video game dark myth. The game lets you experience saving the world as you play or fight side-by-side with the badass female heroine rocking a laser blasting guitar. If you love to shoot aliens as you have fun spinning and winning plenty of coins and dollars, then Electric Diva Slot is one hell of a game. Its high Return-to-Player rating of 96% and a non-progressive jackpot of 140,000 coins make it worthwhile to invest with time, effort, and money.

About The Developer

Microgaming has established itself as a pioneering company in the online casino industry. It released its first online casino game in 1994 and from thereon, unfolded and released numerous more titles that have not only become award-winning but also popular across players around the world. This Isle of Man-based online casino developer successfully takes risks and enters into different platforms to set a footprint of their capabilities. Today, Microgaming leads the online casino game industry in developing titles for all platforms, such as mobile and wearables.