Aliens Slot Review

Aliens Slot Review

Aliens is one of the most iconic movies of all time. Ripley battling it out with the ultimate movie villains that ever walked the movie screens is a timeless scene in movie history. The images of killer face huggers, alien soldier creatures, and the Queen alien are momentous scenes that make Aliens one of the greatest and beloved movies in the world.

The same holds true for the Aliens Online Slot from NetEnt. This online slot game, dedicated to immortalizing the movie in the online slot casino world, is designed to set the stage in the same status of cinematic glory as the movie itself. Aliens Online Slot is one that many of the movie’s loyalists as well as a general online slot machine game through which players can interact with the species that harvest humans for their reproductive purposes and ones that bleed acid.

 This NetEnt release sets the stage for another of those blockbuster movie-themed online slot machine games that have graced the online casino world. Aliens Online Slot is certainly one that will not only bring an amazing thrill and spine-chilling experience but also great rewards and a sure fun time spinning the reels.


Inspection Report

It is apparent that NetEnt has invested a lot in the Aliens Online Slot game. The online slot machine features a cutting-edge 3D casino graphics, winning possibility software (RNG), and slot bonus technology. NetEnt worked closely with 20th Century Fox in order to achieve these for the Aliens Online Slot release.


The illustrations and video reels of the game are so superb that it can give you the same spine-chilling thrill from the movie. Try playing Aliens Online Slot alone in the dark and you will certainly take a few looks over your shoulder. The overall gameplay of this online slot machine is just fantastic!


The game features 5 reels of amazing illustrations from the movie with 15 paylines. Aliens Online Slot also uses multipliers that you haven’t seen in any game before. Furthermore, there are lots of winning possibilities that is worth more than a thousand coins. The jackpot amount can reach up to $10,000. There’s definitely no denying that Aliens Online Slot is one of the best slots to play with a Return to Player rating of 96.4%.


Software NetEnt
RTP 96.4%
Jackpot $10,000.00
Genre Sci-fi / Movie
Bets Range $0.01-$1
Reels 5
Paylines 15
SlotsInspector’s Rating 8/10


Aliens Online Slot is a beautiful and effective marriage of online slot machine game and a Hollywood movie. NetEnt has done an outstanding job in maximizing the potential of what the Aliens characters and experience can provide in an online slot machine environment.

The result is a jaw-dropping, spine-thrilling, high-winning, and excellent overall spin experience. Aliens Online Slot has all the exceptional 3D graphics and other newer game technologies can provide plus a high chance of winning from your every spin.

The game takes you to the whole Aliens movie experience and ushers you into multiple levels of missions and a fast-paced, uncanny sci-fi adventure. Its 5 reels and 15 paylines keep you at the edge of your seat as you spin cautiously while following missions and carefully achieving every level’s goals. The game has a very high Return to Player rating of 96.4% and a high jackpot prize of $10,000 – all to keep you spinning throughout the game.

Aliens Online Slot Review – The Basics

The game is pretty much loyal to its movie counterpart – it embraces the same gritty and dark atmosphere throughout its game levels. The game screen has the same digital futuristic look of the movie with figures, symbols, reels, and buttons overlaying softly over a dark space background. The Aliens logo is positioned at the top center of the screen and uses the movie’s trademark logo.

The paylines are carefully positioned at both edges to the right and left. There are 8 paylines to the left and 7 to the right. All 5 reels are placed at the center, each having 3 rows. The graphics used to showcase images of face huggers, alien soldiers, alien eggs, and the Weyland-Tutani Corp logo are all fantastic and brilliant.

You can bet at a minimum of $0.01 or a maximum of $1 per coin. To place your bet, there’s a Coin Value section placed at the lower rightmost part of the game screen and there are “-” and “+” buttons to increase and/or decrease your stake. The number of coins is visible just right on top of it under the title Coins. At the opposite side to the far left is the number of bets you placed and the levels of the game, where you can press the “-” or “+” buttons to increase or decrease levels.

The spin button is located at the center bottom part of the screen within a shape of a triangle. Right next to it on both sides are the Auto Play button, which is floating to the left, and the Max Bet button floating to the right. More information can be found at the bar located the bottom most of the screen where the Cash, Bet, and Win details are indicated.

Overall, the arrangement of Aliens Online Slot gives that thrilling feeling as well as an action-packed interactive gameplay complete with the whole Aliens movie experience. The game takes you to different levels in different missions with the same ultimate goal of defeating the Queen Alien. Aliens Online Slot also tops that experience with huge potential winnings of $10,000 if you hit the jackpot. Also, the promising returns this online slot machine game offers are pretty proven by its 96.4% Return to Player rating.

Value Symbols

Aliens Online Slot uses the original Aliens movie characters and icons as symbols that are playable throughout the game. This gives another layer of dynamics of the game where you can interact and immerse into the world and spin through different missions. Let’s take a look at the symbols being used in the game:

Weyland Corporation logo: The infamous Weyland-Yutani Corp logo is the wild symbol for the game. You can substitute this symbol for any other symbol in order to create a winning combination. Weyland-Yutani Corp logo usually appears on reels 2-5 in Level 1 of the game while it can randomly just appear anywhere in Level 2.

Face Huggers, Aliens or alien creatures, Eggs and Queen: These are the regular symbols that can fall on the reels all throughout the games. Combinations of these symbols can give you decent returns that range from 1x to 10x of your bet.

Feature & Bonus Symbols

Alien Online Slot has a different kind of gameplay from your usual online slot game. It is designed to give more interaction to the player as if you are playing a video game or you are part of the movie. Every action and decision you make will be for a particular goal. Moreover, there’s a lot of adventure that you go through, such as battling it out with the face huggers, alien creatures and even defeating the Queen alien herself, in order to get some winnings.

The game is composed of three levels with every level having a different type of gameplay and goals as well as possible winnings and bonuses. Let’s take a look at each of the level.

The Search: This is Level 1 of the game. Here, you will need to scan the infested premises for any possible alien activity. The Activity Meter will be filled with all the symbols bar wilds and this, in turn, will boost the multiplier by 1. Once the Activity Meter reaches the maximum, you will receive an attack order to proceed to Level 2.

The Encounter: This is Level 2 of the game where you will take your chances to reach the Queen Hive. It is important that you don’t run out of ammunition otherwise you will be terminated from the game. The multipliers you earned in Level 1 will be carried over to this level. Three new symbols will be activated on the bet line every time you spin. There’s also an Ammo symbol that will show randomly in the center reel position. This increases the Ammo Clip Counter and will give you a chance for more re-spins.

The Hive: This is Level 3 of the game where your ultimate goal is to destroy the Queen alien herself. You will need to do it before the aliens catch you. There’s a Hive Health Meter that will show the Hive’s life and how much of it is damaged. You will be given 4 Ammo Clips in your Ammo Clip Counter at the start of the game, which in turn grants you 5 re-spins. You grenade can randomly damage the Hive and more if you combine a multiplier. The multipliers that appear randomly in the center position can also increase the damage from 1x to 10x.

SlotsInspector’s Verdict

Aliens Online Slot is loyal and faithful to the iconic Hollywood movie. The superb and excellent experience are not discounted by any known limitations in an online casino game format, but augmented by the crisp and cutting-edge 3D graphics and new software technologies all embedded and integrated into the game. The result is one of the most exciting games to play, which will not only fix you on your seat to spin all throughout but also keeps you on the edge of every spin. There’s no doubt that Aliens Online Slot is one of the best online slot machines on the market today.

About The Developer

NetEnt is a Sweden-based online casino game developer that has made a reputation for making ultra-high quality and innovative games. They’re also known to tie out with music and film companies to create official and/or dedicated online slot machine games based on the artists, music, TV shows, and/or movies. Aliens Online Slot is one of those action-packed and high winning online slot machine games that NetEnt has ever released.